grady hall - director
a uniquely inventive & versatile director


We don’t want just pretty faces – we want authentic-looking actors who can deliver subtle, naturalistic performances.


Even though the parts aren’t complex, they are demanding in their own ways – i.e., requiring actors who exude emotional warmth without trying, and who can convey genuine emotion in a very short time (to work in our quick editorial moments).

We’ll also mix in a few people with offbeat looks in order to add to the personality and lighthearted tone of the films, e.g., for the aforementioned “habanero” moment.

Even when we employ big visuals in our scenes, our character reactions should remain natural and subtle. In other words, the characters don’t react to the visual magic of a scene – they react to the story of the scene. So when the environment transforms around them, they react positively because it’s a happier workplace – but they don’t react as if it’s all happening instantly.